Nuclear pump
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HZBW10 type air pump is indispensable auxiliary equipment for nuclear power plant, featuring pure went gas without oil and polluting the air, rational design, reliable operation,easy maintenance and so on HZBW10 type air pump is also applied in the fields of automatic packaging,conveying food, machinery, electronic, medical treatment and etc. Where vacuum or pressure is needed.
Ⅱ.Main technical specification  
 Nominal gas capacity(m3/h):     10
 Ultimate vacuum(kPa):           -70
 Rotate speed(r/min):            1430
 Motor power(Kw):                0.55
 Pipe diameter(mm):              Φ27
 Overall dimensions(mm):         516 Ⅹ200Ⅹ270
 Machine weight(Kg)              35
Ⅲ.Structure introduction & working theory:
Pump’s body and motor were connected by coupling and handed on a frame, a fan fixed inside frame can make them cool down, so pump’s structure looks simple and artistic.Volume or pressure can be controlled by adjustment.
Ⅳ.Use & Maintenance
1.Air pump must be put in a clean, cool and ventilate place.
2.The sliding sheets are made of self-lubrication materials, oil is forbidden putting into pump’s body.
3.Wring:rotor’s rotation must in coordination with the arrow mark on the signboard .
4.When connection must be no leakage on the joint and no blockage in the pipe.
5.Volume or pressure can be controlled by adjustment.
6.Filter and air-out pipe needs clean regularly to keep pump’s function stable.
7.The pump should be maintenance every half a year, bearing needs clean and out into Lubrication greasy. Changing sliding sheets. When replacing the wom or broken sheets, do as follows.
 (1)Keep the sheet safe and in the same direction as the arc of rotor’s outer diameter.
 (2)Do not wear the surface of the parts when installing or dismantling. Keep the cylinder out of leakage.
 (3)The inner cylinder surface should be wiped off with dry rag instead of water cleaning.
8.Avoid moisture or rust during storage period.

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